Editorial, Pennine Platform No. 80

Whether in newspapers, in gossip, in history, in novels, drama, films, legends, fairy tales or myths, we understand ourselves and the world we live in by telling ourselves stories. It is through such stories that we transmit our culture and social mores from one generation to the next. Language is our primary socialised way of ...


Pennine Platform No.80

Latest edition of Pennine Platform, including poetry from Tony Cosier, Ian Clarke, Gillian Stoneham, Philip Foster, Gordon Scans, Clive Donovan, John Arnold, Jill Boucher, Stuart Handysides, Peter Day, David Sapp, Ray Givans, Bob Tristram, Kevin Hanson, Nicholas Bielby, Robert Cockcroft, Julia Deakin, Josie Walsh, David Page and Jim Greenhalf. Read Nicholas Bielby’s Editorial. Interested in ...

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