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Pennine Platform is a long-running independent poetry magazine, published twice a year in May and November.


Editorial, Pennine Platform No. 87

At some stage in their careers most serious poets attend writing workshops. These events differ widely. Some are closed shops; at others cost is a filter. Some, in pubs, are run by practitioners whose advice is second to none, but are open to anyone who stumbles in with a variation on Roses are Red and ...

Pennine Platform No. 87

Issue 87 now available. 56 new poems by 32 poets, from the Pennines to Australia. Order yours today.


Pennine Platform No. 86

Pennine Platform No. 86. Sixty pages of scintillating new work from the Pennines and far beyond. Fleur Adcock, John Duffy, Oz Hardwick, Mark Hinchliffe, Carola Luther, Daniel Tobin, Sarah L Dixon, Chris Preddle, Sarah Mnatzaganian, Robert Powell, Joe Williams, and many more.


Editorial, Pennine Platform No. 86

More elegies landed on our desk this September than in February. Even dialect poems seemed both to celebrate language and to lament its loss. Here in the northern hemisphere it is autumn, so the mood is partly seasonal: leaves fall, light fades and the environment of recent months inters itself before our eyes. Recognition of ...


Editorial, Pennine Platform No. 85

What are poetry magazines for? ‘It’s hard to see how a little poetry magazine can make anything happen except satisfy the reclusive vanity of the editor and the poets,’ says Nicholas Bielby in Issue 81 – not perhaps without a tinge of editorial Weltschmerz. He is right, but provocative, as he then goes on to ...

Pennine Platform No. 85

The latest new-look edition of Pennine Platform is now available. Sixty pages of outstanding poetry including Rupert Martin and Danica Ognjenovic on healing strategies; Gaia Holmes, Theresa Sowerby and Anna Adams on coats; Eloise Unerman and Judith Willson on colour; John Hegley and Bruce Barnes on political protest; Sally Baker and Tony Cosier on music; Nicholas Bielby, Helen Burke and Brian ...