Pennine Platform No. 83

Latest edition of Pennine Platform is now available. Sixty pages of wonderful poetry including the late Thomas Ország-Land plus David Sapp, Ian Clarke, John Arnold, Clive Donovan, Chris Bridge, Philip Foster, George Horsman, Stuart Handysides, Émile Nelligan, Simon Currie, Phil Vernon, Melinda Lovell, Kevin Hanson, Jack Debney, Rob Hawley, Robert Cockroft, Nicholas Bielby, Bruce Barnes and Josie Walsh.

Read Nicholas Bielby’s Editorial.

Read Nicholas’ tribute to Thomas Ország-Land.

This edition’s taster poems comes from Josie Walsh:

At the Bridge
Lying is done with words and with silence. Adrienne Rich

Fish break the surface
and fragments of bark
masquerade as turtles.

Turtles in Asia play pyramid games
in their lilied water.

So many things deceive.
And pleasantly. The Princes of Saudi,
the quiet underwriters.

The world’s aslant.
The grief of it.

When the far bank darkens
and the river starts to die
the nondescript fights for life.

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